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Charges for Individuals to use the Multi Skills Workshop;

  • Standard Rate for workshop use – £20 per hour
  • Tuition Rate – £20 per hour
  • Course Rate for individual tuition – £25 per hour

Small group sessions – up to three people

Courses can be tailored to your requirements.
Two people – £25 per hour
Three people – £35 per hour

Standard Rate

Book as you go. This rate is available to those who wish to book from one week to another and so bookings are generally a week in advance. This enables the customer to make full use of the workshop, with help and advice available if needed. Customers must have a good level of competence with the equipment being used. Skill level will be assessed and training given if necessary (training will be charges as extra, see below). Consumables will be charged as extra.

Tuition Rate

This rate covers tuition in the use of a new skill, machine or technique. It is charged in addition to the standard workshop rates and is available if you need to develop a new skill to progress your work e.g. a need to use a lathe to make a specific fitting for your project. Charged per hour, or any part thereof, in 15 min sessions.

Course Rate

This is the rate charged for sessions booked to learn a new skill or technique by an individual e.g. welding, lathework, woodturning, simple furniture making, fibre-glass work, casting, etc. Sessions can be fully tailored to your requirements.


Some machinery and equipment is expensive to run and so a small surcharge is payable. See below. Any breakages or damage cause by inappropriate, or careless use will be chargable to the customer.

In addition to these charges you must budget for the materials that you intend to use and these can normally be supplied at reasonable cost by the Multi-Skills Workshop.

For Health and Safety reasons you will have to show that you have the relevant experience and knowledge to use machinery, and this is done at your own risk. Full training will be given if necessary.

Machine and Equipment Surcharges

Some items of equipment are expensive to use and maintain, and so to help the MSW continue to offer a wide variety of equipment it is sometimes necessary to impose a small charge in addition to the hourly rate.

Centre Lathe              –      50p / 30 mins

Milling Machine         –       50p / 30 mins

Cut Off Saw                  –       50p / 10 mins

Power Hacksaw         –        50p / 15 mins

Bandsaw                      –       50p / 15 mins

Table saw / panel saw  –    50p / 15 mins

Thicknesser / planer –       50p / 15 mins

Brazing / Welding     –       £1   /  15 mins

Forge                          –         £1   /  15 mins

Angle Grinder            –       50p / 15 mins

Table /Panel saw      –          50p / 15 mins

These charges are in addition to the hourly rate of £20 / hour charged for the adhoc use of the workshop.