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About This Course

Welding (WF21) – This course will give you an introduction to all the common forms of welding. It offering the opportunity to sample the techniques of Mig, Tig, Arc and Gas, to see how each work and what materials can be welded. There is opportunity in the last couple of sessions to focus more on the form of welding most appropriate to your needs and develop the skill appropriate to your requirements. Although this course is aimed at people with little or no experience, it has proved popular with everyone, even competent welder. Next course will be in April.

Welding – further (FW2) – An extension of the WF courses is offer to those who have done the previous course. This will focus on the development of individual need and requirements and students can focus on the techniques and skills of a particular type of welding. Places are limited to four per session to allow for as much “hands-on” time as possible. These sessions are charged per evening and so participants can choose how many they attend. Available in the June.

Course Details

  • Starting date: 19th September 2018. Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00. Cost £150 for six weeks.
  • Category Metalwork