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About This Course

Practical Courses at Multi Skills Workshop

Handcrafted Jewellery (JW18) – Make your own items of jewellery using your favourite materials. Whether it’s wood, metal or plastics you can create your own unique designs. Students are introduced to working on a small scale with a large variety of materials, processes and techniques, and then offered the opportunity to specialise in the area which most appeals to them. Materials are usually less precious metals such as copper, brass, aluminium and pewter although occasionally people choose to work with silver. Woods, resins, enamel, plastic and glass have also been used along with a few of the more modern materials such as silver clay. The techniques explored are numerous, varying from woodcarving and laminating to pewter casting, beaten metalwork, cold forging, fabrication and soldering.  Emphasis is on non-precious materials to keep the costs down.

Course Details

  • Starting date: 19th September 2018. Wednesdays 10:00 -12:00. Cost £150 for 12 weeks.
  • Category Jewellery