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About This Course

Furniture Restoration (FR6) – Learn how to carefully restore a cherished antique or perhaps transform a more modern piece of furniture, repair and refinish it, perhaps to its original French Polish finish or give it a ‘retro style’ shabby chic paint finish. Whatever you want to have a go at, we can help you!

Students usually bring in items that they want to renovate or improve. With the Tutor’s help and guidance this can be undertaken in sessions and continued at home. Occasionally items are considered inappropriate to work on at the Multi-Skills workshop, but guidance will be given in how to proceed. Remember that your item will need to be transported to and from the workshop for each session. Student’s work is often used by the tutor as discussion points.

Course Details

  • Start date: 19th September 2017.Tuesday 19:00 – 21:00 Cost - £144 for 12 weeks payable in two instalments of £72
  • Category Furniture