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Concept of the Multi-Skills Workshop

The MSW offers practical sessions and workshop facilities for everyone.

The workshop is set up as a multi-material facility, offering a unique opportunity to work with a wide variety of equipment, techniques and materials.

The MSW offers a wide variety of Adult Education courses utilising the practical / workshop environment .

The MSW is available for use on an adhoc basis. Usage, charges and level of supervision will depend on the student’s experience, desires and needs.

Courses, tuition, guidance and supervision will be given by experienced workshop practitioners.

Why use the Multi-Skills Workshop

Learn a new skill or develop skills further. The MSW offers a large variety of courses with the flexibility to address individual requirements.

Use the facilities to tackle a practical challenge. The MSW would welcome experienced practitioners and exciting projects.

The MSW offers the opportunities to work with wood, metals and plastics, enabling more open ended designing and manufacture.

Socialise with people of a similar interest.

The MSW offers an environment suitable for many types of practical Adult Education course.

The MSW offers an opportunity for anyone to enjoy a creative environment.

The MSW offers

  • An economic facility.
  • Wide variety of courses.
  • The use of ‘expert’ tutors.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Very flexible opening times.
  • Course time suited to all the community.
  • Positive encouragement of the club scenario.
  • Complete flexibility of approach.

David Boniface (DB): 

DB has spent the last eight years setting up and running the MSW, offering courses and individual tuition in many subjects, to people of all ages, experience and interest. With over a hundred people signing up every term the MSW has proved to be a popular and workable concept. However due to the very high work load imposed by the success of the workshop DB decide to scale down the business and move it to smaller premises nearer home.

DB spent thirty years before this teaching in local schools. His passion for designing and making has led to a huge variety of projects being constructed by his students, utilising all of the materials and tools available in a multi materials workshop.

Originally employed as a Metalwork Teacher, he could use his skills on engineering machines, forge, foundry, coppersmithing and jewellery to inspire the students. As the subject grew into Design and Technology, DB ensured his knowledge and experience developed accordingly, with all appropriate materials being utilised in his work with students.

DB has a wide experience of designing and making driven by his own projects. These encompass most domestic scenarios, ranging from building extensions, loft conversions, conservatories through to constructing small items of furniture, fitting shelve and wiring a plug!! On a more adventurous front DB has tackled project such as boat building (successfully used at sea for a number of years), multi stacking catamaran trailers and camper van conversion.

Despite viewing himself primarily as a designer/maker teaching has played an enormous part in his life. As a keen sportsman he gained a number of coach qualifications which has led him to work with people of all ages and many walks of life. These include Badminton, Cricket, Canoeing, Skiing and Sailing.

Having worked in Adult Education a number of years ago he understands the importance of this type of opportunity to the local community, and how much people enjoy this type of course.

DB retired from the formal education system in April 2011, but he has no intention of retiring. His love of workshop based activities combined with his passion for teaching is being utilised to run the Multi-Skills Workshop. This will enable him to make full use of his skills and experience, while offering the local community a service which is sadly lacking.