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Guitar stand

Spending the working week gazing into a computer monitor, I was keen to find a pastime that would furnish me with a more practical skill set. I had mentioned dabbling in woodworking to a colleague, who in turn told me about the classes available at the Multi-Skills Workshop.

Being a complete novice, the Wednesday night Woodworking Beginner’s Class suited me perfectly. Soon I was part of a small group engaged in a simple training course that familiarised us with basic tools and techniques, starting with creating a simple jigsaw, to a more involved box making project.

From then on we were free to go wherever our ideas took us, the workshop is comprehensively equipped so the only limits are your own imagination. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere you can work at your own pace, with as much or as little help and advice as suits you. All solutions are explored, no matter how complex or outlandish a project maybe, with continued encouragement and enthusiasm from David, the Course Director.

Two years on since I signed up, I still gaze into my monitor all day, but look forward to Wednesday evenings when I can turn my woodworking ideas into reality.”

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